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Sports League Coordinator


Job Description

Hermes Sport & Social is currently seeking a personable, confident, high energy person to act as league coordinator for one of the many sport leagues in operation.  This person will act as the on site supervisor and various sport venues throughout Northeast Ohio.  This person must demonstrate good communication skills, time management skills and must have a passion for sports.  This is a part time opportunity that requires approximately 4-10 hours a week during the evenings.

League Coordinator positions are available for Softball, Volleyball, Football and Kickball.


  • Be on-site one half hour prior to the start of the first game.
  • In case of rain, work with other Hermes staff members to determine if games can be played.
  • Greet each team and check them in prior to the start of their first game.
  • Collect fees from each team.
  • Check in the umpires and make payments to them.
  • If an umpire does not show, take his place on the field.
  • Evaluate umpires throughout the season.
  • Promote sponsor bar.
  • Join teams at sponsor bar to pass out coupons & promote league.
  • Call in scores for each game to Sport & Social hotline.
  • Prepare final report on season.



  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must be able to work week nights.
  • Must have adequate transportation.
  • Must possess good written and oral communication skills.
  • Must have played the sport at any level.  (ex. Grade school, High school, College, etc)


To Apply

Contact Hermes Sport & Social by calling (216) 623-9933 or email

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