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Hermes Road Racing

Hermes Sport and Social Club

Britton Gallagher golf

2012 Britton Gallagher Miniature Golf


Tuesday, July 10
Division IV and Division IV Independent (6:30pm) -Fun'n'Stuff Amusement Park
Division II (6:30pm) - Mulligans Family Fun Center

Wednesday, July 11
Division III (6:30pm) - Fun'n'Stuff Amusement Park
Division V (6:30pm) and Division V Independent (7:30pm) - Mulligans Family Fun Center

Thursday, July 12
Division I (6:30pm) and Division I Independent (7:30pm) -Fun'n'Stuff Amusement Park
Division VI (6:30pm) and Division VI Independent (7:30pm) - Mulligans Family Fun Center


Division I - Division II - Division III - Division IV - Division V - Division VI


DI Independent - DIV Independent - DV Independent - DVI Independent


Mulligans Family Fun Center
7760 Victory Lane
North Ridgeville, OH 44039

Fun'n'Stuff Amusement Park
661 E. Highland Road
Macedonia, OH 44056

Practice Times

We have 2 for 1 vouchers available for teams who might like to practice. Please contact the Hermes Sports & Events office if you are interested at (216) 623-9933 or email
(Please do not call Mulligans)

Deadline for Independent Entries

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Four (4) Players Per Team (2 Males & 2 Females)

Player 1 will tee off, will play out their ball, record their score, then the next player from the other company will tee off.


1. Teams will consist of four participants (2 males and 2 females).

2. Each person on the team will participate on each of the 17 holes (we will not play the 18 hole because it is one that sends your ball back to the clubhouse).

3. Teams will be divided up as one male and one female will play with another team (i.e. 1 male and 1 female from Eaton will play with 1 male and 1 female from Moen).

4. The combined score of all four golfers will be added together and the team with the lowest score wins.

5. Players may bring their own putters, but will use only the balls provided by the mini golf facility.

6. Players shall not be permitted to switch clubs or balls at any time during the competition.

7. Only the putter head of the putter may strike a ball. Players must line up and take their first shot from the starting pad at each hole. Players may putt from any of the points provided in that area.

8. If a player's ball rolls all the way back to the starting point but does not leave the playing area, play will resume from that point. If a ball rolls off playing area a one-stroke penalty will be incurred and he or she may restart from the starting point.

9. If a ball should leave the playing surface, it must be placed at the closest place to where it left the course and a one-stroke penalty will be incurred.

10. If the ball is hit into the hole but bounces out, it counts as a finished turn.

11. A player is entitled to move his or her ball a club head length from any side wall.

12. The maximum number of strokes a player can take is 6. If you already have 6 strokes and have not made your ball in the cup, you are to pick up your ball and mark your score as a 6.

13. If the tournament ends in a tie, each team (all 4 players) will replay hole number 1 to break the tie. (then hole #2 and so on, if no winner is determined)




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