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Hermes Road Racing

Hermes Sport and Social Club

flag footballDDRflag football

2012 DDR Touch Football


Saturday, July 14. 2012


Brookside Park - Upper
3900 John Nagy Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44114

Tournament Brackets

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Division I - Division II - Division III - Division IV - Division V - Division VI - Independent Division

Deadline for Independent Entries

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Double Elimination

Game length: 24 minutes / 2 - 12 minute halves (Clock stops last minute of game)

Five (5) Players Per Team (3 Males & 2 Females or 2 Males & 3 Females)



  1. SCORING: TD = Men: 6 pts / Extra Point = 1 point (5 yards) or 2 points (10 yards), Safety = 2 points. Women: 9 pts / Extra Point = 1 point (5 yards) or 2 points (10 yards), Safety = 2 points
  3. All Players on Offense may run the ball, except the QB (Except in the “NO-RUN ZONES”)
  4. The “NO-RUN ZONES” are located 5 yards from the goal line & the mid-field 1st down line.
  6. All players are eligible to receive passes
  7. Every 3rd play a female must touch the ball wither by throwing or receiving.
  8. Defense may rush from the rush line every play (7 yards off ball)
  9. There is no 7-second count to pass the ball
  10. All drives  & changes of possession (except interceptions) start at the 5 yd line
  11. Offense has 3 plays to cross the mid-field line or score a touchdown
  12. Penalties =Offensive Penalties–Loss of down & yardage; Defensive Penalties–Automatic 1st down
  13. Any ball that hits the ground will be ruled dead.  Fumbles or Muffs are dead at spot
  14. Ball must be snapped between legs, not off to one side to start play
  15. It is highly recommended that all players wear a protective mouthpiece, available on-site for a small fee
  16. Flagrant fouls are not tolerated. Player(s) will be ejected from the tournament
  17. Interceptions may be returned
  18. One (1) timeout per game
  19. Overtime - 1 play team with the most yards wins.
  20. Roughing the QB also includes striking the arm when the defense tries to block the pass
  21. Defensive players have to be one yard off the ball at the snap
  22. No stiff arming allowed
  23. Center snap – If ball hits ground, ball dead at spot
  24. If player falls down, or if knee touches ground, ball is dead at spot –player may not get up and run
  25. Teams will switch ends at half time
  26. Footballs will be provided..
  27. Cleats are allowed but must be rubber.  No metal baseball spikes allowed.


Rules and competition refereed and governed by the United States Flag & Touch Football League.



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